Winter Wedding Cakes We Love

Winter Wedding Cakes That We Love blogBeing the event planners that we are, we absolutely love a good wedding! One of our favorite types of wedding is a winter wedding. There’s just something extra special, almost unique about a winter wedding. They can be so simple yet remain absolutely gorgeous in their winter wonderland element.

And what’s a wedding without cake?! In recent years wedding cakes have become much more extravagant, but that doesn’t mean you have to take that route if you’re the simple (yet classy) type. It’s your wedding and it should represent who you and your other half are as people. Your wedding cake is a great part of the whole event that can really capture either who you are or pull together the whole theme of your wedding.

Since Thanksgiving is finally over, that means it’s unofficially winter and keeping in that spirit we’ve put together a gallery of our favorite winter wedding cakes that we’ve come across on Pinterest. Whether you’re planning a winter wonderland wedding or simply enjoy beautiful things, you will love looking at these gorgeous wedding cakes as much as we do!

Which winter wedding cake is your favorite? 


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