Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids

As we continuously plan for our Thanksgiving gatherings, traditions, dinners, etc. we sometimes get so caught up in the dinner and making everything look just so-so that we often forget about the kids. Yes, that’s right, I said the kids. While some people mix the kids with the adults and others give kids their own table it is still important that we do things just for them. For instance, if you’re having more of a formal dinner you are going to want to do something to keep the kids occupied and busy to prevent meltdowns or mishaps.

That’s where this round-up post comes into play! We are making sure you lovely ladies have more than enough resources, activities and of course style when it comes to keeping those kids in a great mood to last all day long!

Anna over at has a whole blog post dedicated to bringing fun to the Thanksgiving kids table! She shows you how to create an absolutely adorable and colorful turkey placemat and suggests using craft paper for a tablecloth so the kids can show off their artistic abilities as they wait for the food to arrive. has the perfect almost too cute to eat sugar rush turkey cookies that I might just make for myself and a reward for when it’s all finally over with! ha ha ha Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to gobble these up?!
turkeys in a row

What kid wouldn’t want to have fun with a giant game of tic tac toe? I know I would have been first in line for this pumpkin inspired tic tac toe board put together by!

If you want to go all out with the kids table decor you can totally go for this amazing table display below from!

Living Wright At Home Kids Thanksgiving Table


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