Throwing a Kids Halloween Party!

Growing up we couldn’t wait for the end of October because that’s when all of the Halloween festivities started. From class parties, costume contests, trick or treating and of course Halloween parties with friends. As a kid Halloween parties always seemed magical and the most fun out of all parties.

Kid Halloween parties can be just as fun as an adult as it is for the kiddies attending. Watching the kids dress up, play games and eat ghouly treats almost makes you feel like a kid again. We’ve put together a few suggestions to add to your kiddie Halloween party to make it the best of them all! Click on the photos for the how-to’s! 

monster-mash-halloween-collectioneasy bat garlandHalloweenParty15_4845

Games and Activities
stay dry apple bobbing


Stay Dry Apple Bobbing


pumpkin bowling


Pumpkin Bowling



halloween photo booth


Halloween Photo Booth Props



halloween party crafts


Skeleton Mask Craft


pin the bones on the skeleton

Pin the Bones on the Skeleton

grave yard pudding

Graveyard Pudding
chocolate pudding topped with Oreo crumbs and a cookie gravestone with RIP written in icing

halloween snacks

Jack o lanturn poop

Jack-O-Lantern Poop
Cheese Puff Balls 

mummy juice box

Skeleton cupcakes

Skeleton Cupcakes
Place a lollipop stick in a baked and decorated cupcake. Stack white chocolate covered pretzels and top with a marshmallow head. 

Are you throwing a kids Halloween Party? 


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