Marti’s Floral Designs

When you’re in event planning you work with many different vendors, especially florists. Some of course are better than others and you enjoy working with some more than you do others. One of the florists in the Cincinnati area that we just adore working with is Marti from Marti’s Floral Designs.

Her creations are just beyond the extra mile of work and the kind of arrangements that you just dream of getting. This is because she likes to really get to the essence of the clients she works with to create arrangements that reflect who they are instead of just following with the them of the event. Marti has really broken the cookie cutter mold of the typical event florist and doesn’t like to do the same thing twice, which definitely adds a flare of one-of-a-kind to all of her arrangements.

Marti has always found happiness and joy in flowers and has a sweet spot in her heart for receiving bouquets. But honestly, what girl doesn’t love getting flowers? We know we love it! Marti was bitten by the event planning bug after she planned her own wedding. She took notice that she loved to plan and throw parties and of course creating floral arrangements for each party. It didn’t take long for family and friends to tell her she really ought to try her hand at doing this for a living. We are so glad she listened and is now doing what she loves everyday and creating amazing floral arrangements.

Check out her website for more information and galleries,  Take a look below at some of our very favorite designs from the award winning Marti’s Floral Designs!

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