Chic Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkins… everyone loves them once fall comes around. In fact, it’s almost as everyone catches pumpkin fever. There’s pumpkin something everywhere you turn from pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin scented candles and lets not forget pumpkin decorations.

Actual pumpkins are a fabulous way to had a festive touch to your fall decor. One of people’s favorite things to do in October is pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving can be a fun thing to do but it is also a very messy and time consuming thing to do. That’s why we are loving these chic alternatives to carving pumpkins.

Confetti PumpkinsConfetti Pumpkin

Chevron PumpkinChevron Pumpkin

Edgy Chic PumpkinEdgy Chic Pumpkin

Lace PumpkinLace Pumpkin

Glitz and Glam Pumpkin

Glitz and Glam Pumpkin

Which chic pumpkin will you be trying? Which is your favorite?


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