Unique Invitations for Kid Birthday Parties

Does your kid have a birthday coming up? It’s never too early to start putting together ideas for your kids’ birthday parties. Let’s face it, kid birthday parties have come a long way from the birthdays we used to enjoy. Now days they can get completely out of hand if you’re not careful. Once an imaginative (or competitive) mind starts to run it get a bit wild!

Your birthday party doesn’t have to be a huge extravagant event, but one area where you can show off a little bit of flair without spending a year’s worth of income is with the invitations. Who doesn’t love getting a fun and unique invitation in the mail? So step away from the card aisle and get creative!! Here are a few of our favorite invitations for kid birthday parties.

Party in a Box Invite from Etsy
Party in a box invite

Sports Ticket Birthday Invites from Etsy

birthday sport ticket invite

Cute Superhero Invite from Card Store

Cute Superhero Invite

Bookworm Party Invites
Bookworm Party Invites

Box of Crayons Invite from Makoodle
Art Birthday Party Invite


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