The Best No Carve Pumpkins

Oh, fall, how we love you! We love the way you smell, the perfect weather you bring, fall fashion, and especially the decor we get to style! It’s October which means you’re probably gearing up for Halloween. One thing that comes with Halloween are pumpkins… while we love all things that are pumpkin flavored we’re not talking about pumpkin recipes… we’re talking decorated pumpkins!

If you have kids you’re probably planning your family trip to the pumpkin patch to hand pick your pumpkins to bring home to carve while creating good memories for your kids to cherish. But let’s face it. There’s just nothing chic about gutting pumpkins. It’s cold, it’s slimey, and it can be really messy. Fun for your kids? Yes. Fun for you? Not so much. If you’re trying to find ways to avoid the pumpkin carving this year then you’re in luck! We’ve found some amazing no carve pumpkin ideas for you! If your child has their heart set on carving a pumpkin this year maybe you can convince them to carve one of those sturdy foam pumpkins from the craft store…. hey, it’s worth a shot to not have to deal with a cold gooey mess, right?!?


Donut Pumpkins by Studio DIY

pumpkin string boo

Boo String Pumpkin by Lovely Indeed

puff paint pumpkin

Puff Paint Pumpkin by A Beautiful Mess

Crayon Melted Pumpkin

Crayon Melted Pumpkin by Crafty Morning

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins by Style Within Reach

Caterpillar Pumpkins

Caterpillar Pumpkins by Toring America

Batty Pumpkin

Batty Pumpkin by It All Started With Paint

Stacked Pumpkin Faces

Stacked Pumpkin Faces by Cooking Classy

Crafty Pumpkins

Crafty Pumpkins by Craft-O-Maniac

How will you be decorating your pumpkins this year?

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