2016 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

Weddings, oh, weddings… they are our specialty and do we love to plan them. There’s just something about them that gets our creative adrenaline pumping! As we close out the year of 2015 we love to look into the future to forecast what trends will be emerging in the coming year for nuptials. Here’s a list of what things you should expect to see as you attend weddings next year or currently planning your 2016 wedding!

2016 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

People are adding more sparkly metal tones to their wedding colors if not sticking solely to the metallics. They scream chic yet at a very romantic touch to your day. Be prepared to see lots of rose gold, gold, and copper while seeing less and less of silver tones.

Couples are paying homage to things that are special to them as they celebrate their big day. Think of it as a destination wedding without having to spring for travel expenses. Whether they are recreating Paris or simply playing tribute to their hometown it’s definitely a fun take on the traditional happenings of a wedding.

Of course, ambience is everything. We mean it, it’s everything! It completely sets the mood for your special day. In 2016 we are seeing lots of low lighting that is creating a soft romantic vibe. Expect to see lots of bare Edison bulbs and chandeliers.

Out with the old and in with the new! Wait, what? That’s right, the rows of circle tables are out of style. People are opting for a more inclusive vibe but sitting people at long rectangle farm tables and ditching the annual convention feel the circle tables provide.

Highly manicured floral arrangements are out the door. Instead people will be opting for a more authentic look of freshly picked floral arrangements. People are demanding perfectly imperfect centerpieces and bouquets.

The metallic trend flows onto the invitations for 2016 with invitations that sparkle and shimmer. The elegant uniform look of invitations are a thing of the past now as people, again, go for that perfectly imperfect look by including multiple fonts.

When it comes to the wedding dinner selections we are tracing back to the homage trend. People are wanting to bring a more intimate and customized feel to their reception by including heritage dishes of family favorite recipes…. Aunt Tudy’s macaroni and cheese, anyone? I’ll take a scoop of two of that! Other people are opting to to forgo actual dinner dishes and sticking to dinner by the bite apps. The twist with that is they are pairing drinks to the food selections, such as mini tacos with mini margaritas or soft pretzels with flights of German craft beers.

Oh, cake, how we love a good wedding cake! Yum! In 2016 people are tired of fondant cakes and going back to fancy buttercream designs. Some people are even taking it a step further and stripping the cake down. That’s right, people are choosing naked layer cakes for their wedding cakes in 2016.




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