How To Entertain for the Holidays on a Budget

It’s the holiday season! That means cocktail parties and gatherings are in full swing! Are you planning on getting all your friends, family, or coworkers over to your house for a holiday party? If not, you should. Entertaining – especially this time of year – is a great excuse for a great night spent with people you love – or at least can pretty to get along with… right? đŸ˜‰

How to entertain for the holidays on a budget

We know, the holiday season also means it’s the time of year that wrecks the most havoc on your bank account. Never fear, though! We are event planners, yes, but that doesn’t mean we only know how to throw the most lavish of parties (however, we are quite good at that too!), but we also know how to put together a get together while on a tight budget. We know, that might be a hard concept to wrap your mind around, but we promise you entertaining on a budget can be done!! Here’s how!

Make it a team effort
Team up with a friend, coworker, or family member to throw the party and share the costs.

Borrow away
Do you need or want something for your get together that you don’t already have? Don’t be afraid to ask around to see if anyone else has whatever it is you need and can borrow. It’s smarter and easier on the wallet to borrow than to just go out and buy it. While we’re on the topic, use your holiday decor you already have to set the festive mood – no need for new, elaborate decor!

A party people will love
Before you set things in stone make sure you’re throwing a gathering that the attendees will love and feel comfortable at. Are you guys a lively and competitive group? Throw an ugly sweater party game night. A movie loving crowd? Get in the fa la la la mood by hosting a Christmas movie night. Kids and adults? Show two movies the first a family favorite like ELF then something for the adults like Christmas Vacation. Are you a more intimate group? Have a small number of your closest and dearest friends for a quiet dinner party. A big crowd? Hold it potluck style and have everyone bring over a dish while you spoke the punch.

Any style gathering you decide to throw make sure you keep things realistic and fun. Holiday parties are great for stepping out of the hustle and bustle of the season and is a well welcomed night. No one is expecting you to pull out all the stops just to spend a few hours with your favorite people. Take this time to really enjoy the company and not fuss over the surroundings.

What kind of holiday entertaining are you doing this season?


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