Fantastic At-Home Date Night Ideas

Halloween is over and we have officially entered the holiday season! This time of year is easily the busiest you are all year. There’s shopping to do, Christmas pageants, holiday parties, friendsgiving, family time, just to name a few. With a full calendar it’s hard to find the time for date night, but by that time who wants to go out? Here’s one of our favorite little love tricks – you don’t have to actually leave the house to have a proper date night! That’s right, you can stay home and still have fun and keeping that connection with your love. Here are a few of our favorite at-home date night ideas!


– Get to know the person you’re with a game of “Would You Rather.” When faced with crazy questions you might learn something new about your partner that you never knew before. Check out this website for a list full of questions at

– Create a dinner consisting of only finger foods and feed each other.

– Order dinner from your favorite take out place, pick a movie, and snuggle in bed while enjoying dinner. It’s a fun twist on an old favorite.

– Get in the kitchen and whip up some homemade pizzas together then enjoy them while watching the big game on tv.

– Board games aren’t just a great family fun activity they can be a great date night activity, too!


What are your favorite at-home date night ideas?


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