Unique Wedding Gifts that are a Must!

The summer is prime time for weddings. A lot of people love the idea of getting married outside or at least have beautiful weather on their wedding day. No one wants rain or bitter cold on their wedding day… even though rain on your wedding day is suppose to be a good omen of a long and happy marriage together, however we digress. ha ha ha.

Unique Wedding Gifts that are a Must!


When it comes to attending weddings it’s proper protocol to gift the newlyweds with practical (and not so practical) gifts. Most people decide to play it safe (and easy) by buying the couple something off one of their wedding registries. Others ho-hum it by buying a typical and slightly cliche gift of candle holders, picture frames, kitchen gadgets, etc. Then there’s the people who like to take the off the beaten path approach and come up with something unique. Granted, for weddings it’s not that difficult to stand out when you step even a smidgen out of the box of your run of the mill wedding presents.

Here’s a few unique wedding gifts that will make your gift stand out to the lovebird couple…

Wine Barrel Serving Tray
Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray, $99.95

Personalized Cutting Board
Personalized Cutting Board, $39.99

Boombox Butter Dish
Boombox Butter, $49.95

hugging elephants salt and pepper shakers
Hugging Elephants Salt and Pepper Shakers, $15.99

Our Q&A A Day Journal
Our Q&A a Day 3 Year Journal, $12.97

What unique wedding gifts have you given in the past?


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