Tips for Planning a Flawless Outdoor Party

We all love attending outdoor parties and get togethers, but planning them can be a tad bit stressful. In fact, any time you throw a party no matter the size or if it’s indoors or outdoors it can be a bit overwhelming at times. If you’re one to stress about things there’s no amount of tips or help in the world that will make you stop stressing completely, but hopefully you can find a tad of relief in our outdoor party planning tips!

Of course when planning a party there are always the obvious things that need taken care of because they’re big details they tend to jump out at you first. The key is not to get so caught up in the big details that you completely forget about the smaller but definitely necessary details. And that’s where we come in! We could be here all day or even write an entire book on all the details needed for a party, however, who has the time to read all of that when there’s a party to plan? That’s why we’re sticking to the smaller details that are often left in the shadows of bigger details so they and the party don’t sneak up on you without being prepared!

how to throw a flawless outdoor party

When it comes to sending out invitations it’s a good idea to include three additional bits of information: what time food is being served, what to wear, and back up rain plans. This way it doesn’t leave your guests guessing or calling you last minute with questions. Your guests will know the party is happening rain or shine, how to dress, and that the grill won’t be refiring for latecomers.

Sitting Accommodations 
How many people are you expecting at this party? Do you have enough furniture to accommodate the majority of people attending? While there will be people standing there are also going to be a good number of people who want to sit, relax, and enjoy conversations. People don’t want to fight for a seat. If you don’t have enough you can always ask friends if you can borrow a few chairs. Another option that is surprisingly affordable is renting chairs. Folding chairs can come as cheap as $2 a chair and most rental vendors will deliver and pick up. Many of these rental places also rent out other items you may be in need of such as coolers, speakers, and eating utensils.

Pesky Bugs
Just because your party is seemingly invitation only doesn’t mean you won’t be receiving some unwanted guests… those pesky mosquitoes are everywhere and no one likes them. Luckily there are many ways to get rid of (or at the very least greatly minimize) bugs. You can place citronella candles around your backyard to sort of create a barrier. Place a few fans around the food table and small areas such as patios, these keep mosquitoes away because they are weak flyers. No need to put the fans on full blast, the lowest setting will do the job. Set up a bucket or section of a table to hold bug repellent wipes for your guests to use. This way the unattractive smell of bug spray isn’t overpowering everyone.

Food, oh, food. The hardest task of having a party is probably trying to figure out how much food you need. Luckily, the fine folks over at Chickabug have put together a super cute and informative printable that shows you exactly how much food you will need. Another good tip for serving food at a party is to do it buffet style and then strategically place everything. Place all your bowls of chips, dips, veggie and fruit trays at the beginning of the table and the more pricey foods like meats at the end. Why? Because this helps stretch out your food. People tend to pile their plates up high before they get to the end of the table… some people before they reach the middle, but that’s none of our business. 😉

What tips do you have for throwing an outdoor party? 



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