Summer 2015 Beauty Must-Haves

Let’s face it, very few of us are great at protecting our skin from the sun on a daily basis. At least not properly protecting our skin from those pesky and harmful UV rays. Yes, a large portion of makeup these days are made to include sunscreen, however, dermatologists still say that’s not enough protection. But who can stand the smell sunscreen let alone want to walk around smelling like the stuff? That’s why we are so excited we came across TarteGuard by Tarte Cosmetics! This stuff is legit! Not only is this stuff the right consistency of the perfect moisturizer but it also has a beautiful floral sun breeze kind of smell to it. Sign. Us. Up.


We hate spending money on manicures because we are so hard on our nails on a daily basis that it’s just not worth it. However, that doesn’t stop us from trying to find the perfect polish for at-home manicures! We just came across bottles of SpaRitual GOLD Flexible Color and it’s giving us life! The colors are as bright on your nails as in the bottle and the best feature of all is this polish is truly opaque! Yes! There is only one coat needed to get that on-point manicure.

SpaRitual GOLD Flexible Color

While a lot of women love makeup palettes to use while traveling, we love them for everyday use. It’s a variety of colors all at your finger tips instead of having to riffle through your makeup bag for individual colors. We even carry MAC’s 15-pan Shadow Palette in our handbag for easy touch ups or even make it easier to switch from day to night after work.

MAC 15 eyeshadow palette

Busy working women don’t have time to worry about if their lipstick has smeared, flaked, or faded and that’s why a true long wearing lip color is a must. It’s especially a must for hot summer days that turn into long summer nights. You’ll find yourself sending us a thank you card after you give Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick a whirl. Stila knows what’s up, people! They go one smooth like butter giving full opaque color that doesn’t budge until you wash your face for the day.

Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Who doesn’t love a nice cool spritzer on a hot summer day? While we love wine we’re talking a different variety. This Pixi by Petra’s Makeup Fixing Mist is simply divine! Not only does it feel uber refreshing but it also smells great and carries the benefits of both green tea and rose water.


pixi makeup fixing mist


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