The Worst Wedding Trends of 2015

Last week we brought you the Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2015, this week we’re staying on the same trend topic but wavering just a tad. This week we are going to talk about what we think are the worst of the wedding trends for 2015. While some of these might be right up your alley, they’re just not our cup of tea. And that’s okay!

The Worst Wedding Trends of 2015

Bridal Jumpsuits and Separates 
Granted, what style of dress (or outfit) you decide to wear on your wedding day should go along with the type of wedding you’re having (such as if you’re having a beach wedding you probably wouldn’t want to wear a heavy Cinderella type dress with a huge train)… however, we just cannot get behind this trend. Don’t get us wrong! We absolutely adore a great jumpsuit! We just can’t imagine wearing one on our wedding day. We also can’t imagine decades from now looking back at wedding photos of us wearing a jumpsuit or separates to our wedding.

Wedding Drones
While everyone wants every moment and aspect of their wedding day captured on camera so they can relive it for years to come, drones at your wedding just seems to be a tad bit much, no? Another photography trend in weddings this year is photographers bringing GoPro cameras to use. Drones and most definitely GoPro cameras have their time and place, we just don’t think either has a place at a wedding ceremony.

The Third Dress
We love fashion and we totally understand choosing what to wear for your big day is a huge decision… we know this. We can understand the need for a second dress… after all it is your big day and you want to be able to celebrate it more comfortably at your reception. But a third dress seems a bit much. Instead of buying a third dress, why not put that money towards something else you really want at your wedding? Or perhaps even put it towards something fun and adventurous on your honeymoon?


What do you think is the worst wedding trend you’ve seen at weddings in recent years?


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