Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2015

With official the start of wedding season upon us we thought it was the perfect time to start talking about the top wedding trends we’ll be seeing in 2015. This year trends are taking a more subtle turn as opposed to the bright and bold trends we’ve seen in recent years. Just because things are taking a more subtle tone doesn’t mean 2015 weddings should be boring! It just leaves more room for the bride and groom to shine on their big day!

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2015

As we head into wedding season there’s going to be lots of peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, and hydrangeas to be seen! Days of the bright and bold colors have come to an end (at least for now) as the brightest color we’ll see is a pale pink. Tables have turned to a more feminine and light touch. Flower arrangements will be seen making a statement in the form of their vases. Metals will be shining bright in tones of gold, silver, brass, copper, and rose gold.

As you’ve seen in the flower arena colors this year are stepping into the pale spotlight. Pale pinks, whites, and creams are standouts. The mono-chromatic look is on point during the 2015 wedding season. The trend of pops of color is fading the further into 2015 we get.

While the color factor may be toning things down a bit, the sparkle of the day is not taking a backseat in 2015. Weddings everywhere will be shining bright in some form or fashion of the sparkle degree. Whether it’s rhinestones bouquet holders, sequin table runners, or chiffon bridesmaid dresses with touches of glitter. With mute colors this is where the stand out factor steps out. Let’s not forget this is also creeping it’s way into headpieces now more than ever.

Food Trucks
When it comes to food at weddings things have remained steadily traditional, whether it be lift bites during cocktail reception, a sit down style dinner, or a self serving buffet. Couples are breaking down wedding food barriers by jumping on the food truck craze. Food trucks have become a true hit in metropolitan ares in recent years… and for good reason, because they’re damn delicious. You can find a food truck for just about any favorite food… Whether you book a few or just one, your guests are sure to get a kick out of it. Stuck on what favors to give your guests? Cupcake food trucks are so popular now days you can book one to sit outside your reception venue to hand out wedding cupcakes as guests are leaving. That takes care of your wedding cake and favors all in one swoop.

Unique Reception Venues
While wedding reception halls are not only easy to find, they’re also easy when it comes to knocking things off your to-do list. However, unique venues to hold your reception don’t necessarily mean they will weigh more on your wallet or budget. People are starting to turn towards holding the party aspect of their wedding day at museums, restaurants, and even loft spaces found in downtown areas. By going this route it also allows you more freedom to create the wedding of your dreams, or a least a wedding that completely encompasses the personalities of who you are as a couple.


Are you getting married in 2015? Will you be incorporating any of these wedding trends into your day? As a guest which of these are you excited to see? 



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