5 Unique Party Favors

Spring is in the air and that means party season is upon us. In our last blog we designed the perfect timeline to follow as you’re planning your next party to help make sure everything gets accomplished without adding more stress. This time around we’re focusing on party favors.

Party favors are fun little mementos to provide your guests as a thank you for taking time aside to attend your party as well as a little way for guests to remember the event. While party favors aren’t required, they do add a nice touch. For every type of party there are typical favors for that party’s theme whether it’s a birthday party, shower, wedding, etc. Those are definitely easy, convenient, and often quick to put together at the last minute. Here at Savvy Chic Avenue we like to break the mold a bit and go a different way.

Whenever we are throwing a party we like to put more of a thought into our favors. Color us sentimental. We prefer to make our favors a bit more personal but also stand out. That’s why we’ve put together this list of unique party favors we found across the internet and just love!



Baby shower tea bag favor, found here.


Wedding or engagement party seed packet favor, found here.


Baby shower or gender reveal party macaroon favors, found here.


Wedding, bachelor, bachelorette party bottle opener favor, found here.


Pirate party edible gold favors, found here.

What are some of your favorite unique party favors you’ve seen? 


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