The Savvy Chic Party Planning Timeline

Who doesn’t love a party? For some, throwing a party is even more exciting than simply attending a party. Then there’s other people who absolutely dread having to throw a party. While we love love love to throw a party and really don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate, we do admit that throwing a party isn’t super easy. That’s why we’ve put together this party planning timeline to help you along with the planning process. The intention is to give others a little sense of direction and time management so that the next party you plan goes off without a hitch and without you losing your mind from all the stress!
The Savvy Chic Party Planning Timeline
4-6 Weeks Before Party
When you’re about one to two months away from your party is when you want to start putting some thought into it to get the ball rolling. Start throwing around ideas and scouring Pinterest for inspiration. Some questions you might want to answer are, will there be a theme to the party? If so, what will the theme be? How big of a party are you wanting to have? Who all are you going to invite? Will you be providing food? If so, what kind? A meal? Finger foods? Are you going to need help in planning this party? These are just a few questions to start considering.
2-3 Weeks Before Party
You don’t want to send invitations so early that people forget about it or too late that people already have already made other plans. This seems to be the sweet spot for sending invitations to you party.
2 Weeks Before Party
This is when you need to put your nose to the grindstone and start making final decisions on the specifics. This is also when you need to start purchasing supplies and such for the party. You should be getting a rough idea on how many people plan to attend your party so you can get on top of decorations, favors, creating a grocery list, etc.
5-3 Days Before Party
There is less than one week left before your party! Try not to panic! We know, we know… it’s easier said than done. Especially when this is the time the stress starts to build as you inch closer to party day. However, you’re on top of this! You’ve got a plan and following this party planning timeline. Now is the time to start preparing for party day. Now is a perfect time to start tackling those party favors. The night before the party you will be exhausted and need the sleep, you don’t need to be up the whole night before the party putting together party favors. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you’re creating anything diy such as decor or centerpieces now is the time to get those done. You’ll also have a better idea of what items/supplies you forgot and to make your trip to the grocery store.
1 Day Before Party
Now is the time to get your party location looking great! No matter where you’re holding your party today is the day to give it the cleaning it may need. Put up any decorations you can and if you have anything food wise that you can make ahead of time, then this is your day to get it done.
Party Day! 
Today is the day! It’s party day! Since you’ve been following this party planning timeline getting things done over the last few weeks the only thing you have to do in the morning before the party is relax. That’s right! Try to take a few moments just to relax and take your time getting ready. Once you’re ready and there’s 3-4 hours before the party starts it’s time to get everything ready for go time! The only things that are left for you to do should be day of food preparations, setting up last minute decor, setting up the beverage station, setting out the food, etc. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to not only get ready yourself, but also to get all the final touches done before the guests begin to arrive. You’re throwing this party and  you’ve already put in weeks of work leading up to this day. It’s so important that you actually enjoy the party along with your guests.

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