10 Super Fun Elf on the Shelf Office Ideas

It wouldn’t be far fetched to say by now your Facebook feed is full of photos of your friends’ Elf on the Shelf surprises. While Elf on the Shelf is technically meant for the kids and was designed to be a fun way to keep them in line especially when it’s around the holidays. Because let’s face it, kids always listen better to someone else (even if it is a creepy looking stuffed doll… but we digress) and to be completely honest, who wants to shop for presents for kids that aren’t behaving. So for that we love the idea of Elf on the Shelf. But why do all the kids get to have all the fun? Can’t the adults get in on the fun at the office? I mean, whatever it takes to lighten the mood with end of year deadlines looming, right?

10 super fun elf on the shelf office ideas

Well, we say bring on the Elf on the Shelf: Office Edition! So pull up a chair and marvel at some of these great Elf on the Shelf ideas we’ve found floating around the internet of this little Elf creating office mischief!

Office Elf copier

from ItsAYummyLife.com

office elf candy

from Rebecca Lundin

office elf desk

from The Elf at the Office

Office Elf Files

from UpliftingFamilies.com

Office Elf Clocks

From ElfOnTheShelf.com

Office Elf Muffins

from ElfOnTheShelf.com

Office Elf Email

from Jamie Sobczyk

Office Elf IT

from Pinterest.com

Office Elf Dentist

from Facebook.com

Office Elf Coffee

from K-LanePhotography.com

Which Office Elf on the Shelf idea is your favorite? Has the Elf hit your office? Will he be showing up at your office this year? 


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