The Sweet Side of Cincinnati

Sweet Petit DessertsIf you live in the Cincinnati area the chances are you’ve heard of Sweet Petit Desserts… if you haven’t I can promise you that you’re sincerely missing out. Sweet Petit Desserts is owned by the fabulous and talented Taren Plesinger-Kinebrew. Taren just opened her second location in Over-the-Rhine earlier this week and we had the chance to catch up with her yesterday about her love of baking, her second location, and everything mini.

Savvy Chic Avenue: Have you always had a passion for baking?
Taren Plesinger-Kinebrew: I have had a passion for baking since I was a kid. I always baked with my grandmother.

What is your earliest/favorite baking memory?
Our favorite thing to bake was cake (any kind). The best thing was eating hot out of the oven.

What led you to finally take the leap to start your own business?
What led me to take the leap was a conversation and an experience I had visiting one of my favorite dessert restaurants in San Diego. The thought of baking for people just never left me so I had to go for it.

How long have you been baking professionally?
I’ve been baking professionally for 5 years now and I still love it! The thought of people eating my sweet treats and seeing the look on their faces makes me happy.

Taren KinebrewYou are different from other bakeries because everything you serve is bite size, what made you decide this was going to be your signature?
I love mini anything when it comes to eating. I tend to eat less without overindulging, especially if I’m at a party. Just enjoying that mini appetizer or dessert makes you slow down and enjoy and taste what you’re eating. I felt that most people who enjoy desserts with real ingredients would appreciate mini treats without compromising in taste and without consuming hundreds of calories.

You opened your first location last year in Over-the-Rhine and just opened your second location in OTR. Why was it important to you to open your business in OTR?
I love OTR. Its a community of people who really support small businesses and get to know the owners and the neighbors in the neighborhood. I wanted to be apart of a community that I felt a connection with in the city.

What is your favorite sweet treat(s)?
Well I enjoy all of my treats, which is how I can up with the my menu. The thing for me are simple and clean desserts without all the added toppings. My taste buds just seem to get overwhelmed with toppings but I will do pretty much anything for my customer.

When it comes to entertaining, what are you top 3 tips?
When entertaining I would say keep it simple, try to find out what your guests like, and make it pretty!

The holiday season is upon us which brings lots of holiday parties. What holiday treats would you recommend making this season?
My favorite holiday treats include sweet potatoes and apples. Give me sweet potato pie and apple pie actually anytime!

Stop into Sweet Petit Desserts and grab yourself something tasty at 1426 Race Street or at their second location on1407 Vine Street in Cincinnati. Visit their website at!


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