Tips for Throwing a Perfect Summer Party

Tips for Throwing a Perfect Summer Party.jpgSummer is in full force and one of our favorite things about summer is throwing summer parties. While you could say we are professional partiers for a living, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same frustrations as everyone else when it comes to throwing our own parties. However, since we are event planners we do have a few tips up our sleeves that help make planning parties a little easier! Here are a few of our tips for making sure the planning of your next summer party go smoothly.
Lighting is everything
When it comes to parties you always want to set the mood and tone of the atmosphere you are going for. Lighting is the best way to create some ambiance. Since summer nights tend to me the perfect temperatures for spending time outside, take full advantage of it! Think white string of lights, candles, lanterns, and even tiki torches.
Plan a seasonal menu
It’s summer time and there are so many wonderful goodies in the produce section or at your favorite farmer’s market it’d be a real shame not to take advantage! For a super easy summer menu pair selections of fruits and veggies with something grilled and you’re good to go.
Another fun way to go in the food department is to set up a food station or two. You can have a baked potato bar, hot dog bar, pizza making bar, ice cream bar, candy bar, s’more bar…. The possibilities are truly endless for food stations after you let your creative juices flowing.
Don’t forget the details
It’s the small details that really make the party. The sun and bugs can be brutal in the summer especially when you’re caught having fun. Why not fill a bucket with sunscreen and bug spray to encourage your guests to use. Arrange seating in small groups or in a semi circle to invoke either intimate small conversations or a group affair. You can also include a stack of blankets on a table that people can spread out on the lawn to enjoy.
Know your limits
Of course everyone wants to throw a fabulous party and that’s what tends to cause the mist stress in party planning and can even suck all the fun out of it. It’s really important to know your limits and plan your party accordingly. If you’re the crafty type and have the ample time, then by all means get down with your DIY self and create your decor or small touches. If you’re not craft inclined don’t stress yourself out by trying to make everything yourself. Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. There’s no harm in buying your party decor if you just don’t have the time or skills to do things yourself.
Follow these simple tips and your next summer party will be easy breezy!
What are your summer party planning tips?

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