Manicures for your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is fast approaching, you have details swimming in your mind every waking moment – probably even while you’re sleeping, too! There are certain details that seem so small in the grand scape of the things, but in reality they could play a big part. One of these details? Your nails. Yes, I promise you will want to have your nails done if not at the very least neatly groomed on your wedding day. Why? Because believe it or not your nails will show up in a lot of your wedding photos. They probably will even play a big part in a few of them such as poses of you and your groom’s hands together showing off your wedding rings.

Yes, ladies, these are photos that are going to last years if not generations in your family. Do you really want neon orange nails to be popping out in all of your wedding photos? What will your kids think? What will your grandkids think? More importantly, what will you think years down the road? This is why even the smallest of details need attention paid to them on your big day. There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child… well, to be honest it takes a village to put on a wedding that goes off without a hitch. That is why we are here to give you an idea of what great wedding day manicures look like. For the most part they are very classy and timeless looks, but we’ve thrown in a few crazier ones in there for your enjoyment as well!

Which of these wedding day manicures would you wear on your big day? 


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