10 Details that Every Bride Forgets

As event planners we know just how much goes into your wedding day. Most brides know a lot goes into planning a wedding, but soon realize there is so much more details and things to decide and do all leading up to one night. It’s overwhelming and exhausting. Of course we suggest hiring an event planner to help take some of the stress off of you, but we also know that an event planner isn’t always in the budget. Then there are some of you who are just right down stubborn and are determined to do it all on your own.

During our many years in the business we know there are some very common minor details that don’t even cross the mind of the bride until the wedding day is in full swing. This is why we’ve put together this list of details brides always forget so you can add these to your wedding day check-list and you will be a bride totally on top of things!

10 Details that Every Bride Forgets

1. A hanger for your wedding dress. It’s not required that this hanger is a fancy hanger, but it does make for a beautiful photo of your dress before you put it on.

2. Bringing extra cash. You want to have extra cash on hand so that you can tip your wedding vendors the day of the wedding.

3. Packing your phone charger. This is a minor detail that many wish they had remembered. Chances are your phone is going to be ringing all day with phone calls and text messages. All of which drain your battery, so be sure to throw this into your bag.

4. Deciding where everything goes. Aside from planning where guests will sit and tablescapes you also need to decide where you want the programs to go, escort and place cards, and whether you want your favors sitting on the tables or in a basket by the exit.

5. Deciding who takes what to where after the reception. Once you and your groom leave the reception there is still a lot left to be done. Make sure you designate someone to take home any decorations you’re not throwing away, toasting flutes, cake topper, unity candle, guest book, left over food and  booze.

6. Arranging day of transportation. Make sure you coordinate with someone who will drive you to your appointments and take you to the venue. You also want to make sure you make arrangements for how you and your groom are getting to your wedding suite. Nothing like having to hitch a ride with one of your guests because you forgot to arrange to have a car available at the end of the night!

7. Someone to collect your wedding gifts. Chances are you don’t want to pack up all your wedding gifts and load them in your car before you leave for your wedding night. Designate someone to collect all your gifts and keep them until you get back from your honeymoon.

8. Someone to pick up your dress. If you plan on changing into a going away outfit then you need to make sure someone is responsible for hanging up your dress and taking it home.

9. Packing an overnight bag. Don’t forget about your wedding night! You want to make sure you pack a bag with your wedding night lingerie as well as toiletries for the morning after.

10. Eating dinner and cake.  Make sure you put someone in charge of making sure you and your groom don’t forget to sit down and enjoy your dinner and cake. It’s your day, don’t forget to take a moment to take it all in… including the food!


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