Throwing a Dinner Party? Here’s a Few Tips!

Dinner parties… oh, who doesn’t love a dinner party?! We love throwing them, planning them and of course attending them! What a great excuse to throw on something dressy and spend a night with great friends?! Dinner parties can be as extravagant as you want or as simple as you’d like. But dinner parties don’t have to be hard! They’re meant to be enjoyed! If you’re planning to throw a dinner party we have a few tips for you to ponder and if you’re not throwing a dinner party, consider this your inspiration to start planning!


Rearrange the Furniture 
Don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture, afterall, it’s only for one night! This can really change the atmosphere of your party no matter how big or small of place you live in. Is there ample room for people to mingle or sit and chat? If your space is too cluttered consider removing a few items from the room like coffee tables and end tables… stick them in another room and shut the door. This will give a flow to the room.

Mood Lighting
Forget about using the everyday overhead lighting for a dinner party. Set the mood for conversation with lamps that give off warm white light, strings of lights and even candles for an extra touch. This really transforms a dinner to stand out. It’s something out of the ordinary and makes it feel like you’re in a fancy restaurant.

Throw Perfection Out
That’s right! Go ahead and throw the idea of perfection out the window right now! This is a party and parties are meant to be enjoyed… this goes for even the hostess! The whole point of a dinner party is to gather friends around to enjoy each other’s company while eating good food. Your friends aren’t expecting every little thing to be perfect and you shouldn’t either. We’re all human and soufflés sometimes catch on fire, but that doesn’t mean it needs to ruin all the fun! Remember to take time to enjoy the evening with your friends.

What is the best dinner partying throwing advice you have ever gotten?  


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