Savvy Chic Manicures

As you know, nail art has been a hot trend for a long while now. And can we really blame anyone? Who doesn’t love having a manicure? Whether you go and get your nails done or if you’re more of a diy kind of gal, a girl just likes having her nails look pretty.

Now that nail art is such a trend painted nails are even more fun because it’s just another way to express yourself. Even if you work in an office the chances are you can still get away with chic nail art on your digits that expresses your fun and colorful side. If you work somewhere that you have to wear a uniform a manicure is a sure fire way to still keep a piece of yourself alive while working in a sea of the same uniforms.

Here are five chic manicures that we are loving right now!

Chalkboard Mani

Chalkboard Mani

Gold Dot Mani

White and Golden Dots Mani


Mermaid Dreams Mani

Midnight Gold Mani
Midnight Gold Mani

Red and Lepoard Mani

Sassy Red Leopard Mani

Which is your favorite? Would you rock any of these on your nails?


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