What’s in store for Paris J Boutique

Teresa Washington is the woman behind one of our favorite boutiques to shop at, Paris J Boutique. The contemporary women’s boutique first opened in November of 2008 in a small suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio known as Montgomery. They offer very exclusive blouses, dresses, denim, skirts, shoes, accessories and handbags at a very affordable price, which made them stand out from the other boutiques in the area. When Teresa relocated to Illinois the brick and mortar boutique closed its doors, but reopened exclusively as an online store at ParisJBoutique.com.

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There are lots of new and exciting things happening at Paris J Boutique and many that are gearing up to launch in a few months. We at Savvy Chic Avenue had the chance to sit down and catch up with Teresa and this is what she had to say!

Savvy Chic Avenue: Have you always had a great love for fashion?
Teresa Washington: Every since I was about 13 or 14 I loved all aspects of fashion and dreamt of owning my own boutique and designing my own line. Whenever I visited the shopping mall to look for items to wear, I could never find what I was looking for or if I did purchase something I would always find myself cutting a sleeve off a jacket, or slitting a pair of jeans to give me the look I had envisioned.

Savvy Chic Avenue: What is it about fashion and women that you love the most?
Teresa Washington: I love to offer style advice and help women look their best when it comes to fashion. What I learned while owning the boutique is that 85% of women have no clue what their style is. I know that sounds odd, but all women have a certain style definition that defines only them, whether it’s good or bad.

However my goal is to always offer pieces that will define their style. Women know what they’re comfortable in, but sometimes you have to try and convince them to step outside the box just a little to get them to see that there are more colors that look great on them other than black or other silhouettes that fit their body shape other than spandex, or baggy clothing.

Savvy Chic Avenue: What inspired you to create the Paris J Couture collection? 
Teresa Washington: What really lit my fire and inspired me to hit the go button with the Paris J Couture collection is wanting to continue to offer the same exclusive pieces, but have more control over my product as in quality, fabric selections, sizing, etc. Basically to feel 100% confident that when a woman purchases and wears a Paris J piece she is defining her style, comfortable in her own skin and what she puts on doesn’t define her, but becomes her.

Savvy Chic Avenue: How would you describe the Paris J line?
Teresa Washington: Paris J pieces aren’t trendy, and we believe that less is always more. Our pieces will be timeless, but not boring and most importantly made in the U.S.A. Price points will be between $45-$200. We will offer very effortless, classy, contemporary  blazers, dresses, bottoms, blouses that will take you straight from the office desk to dinner.

Savvy Chic Avenue: When can we expect to be able to shop the Paris J Couture collection?
Teresa Washington: Paris J Couture will launch spring/summer 2014 which will debut October 2013 right here in Cincinnati and available for purchase online, through trunk shows or your very own Paris J Style Party in the comfort of your own home with a Paris J style rep available in different cities. Please be sure to visit our website ParisJBoutique.com to sign up for our monthly newsletter which will keep customers abreast of the progress of the Paris J line.

Savvy Chic Avenue: What else do you have in store that we should be expecting to see from you?
Teresa Washington: We will also be launching another collection SHek Threads which will fall under the Paris J line and be more chic and casual meaning denim, tees and active wear, which has evolved and developed to meet modern sporting and fitness needs as well as style needs. SHeK Threads believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality and you can have both with active wear that’s modern looking, colorful and well designed.


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