Blogger Spotlight: Mimi G. Style

Hello ladies!


Some of you may already be familiar with the fashion blogger, Mimi G. Style. If you aren’t familiar with her then buckle your seat belts because you are about to fall in love with her and her blog!

Not only is she a fashion blogger who posts almost daily, but she is a lady who is highly creative and loves a good fashion diy project! She sews a lot of her outfits that she showcases on her blog, although she is clear that she doesn’t like to sew for other people. And we can totally understand that! But just because she doesn’t sew for anyone else doesn’t mean she is selfish, because through her blog she teaches you how to sew.

She has a section on her blog called Free Sewing Class which keeps all of her posts and videos about showing you how to teach all neat and organized in one place. She also has other free tutorials and demonstrations on her YouTube channel as well as has several of her own tutorials and patterns available for purchase. If you visit her Amazon store she has it chock full of her recommendations for all things sewing.


Mimi G. Style really stands out from the overwhelming number of fashion bloggers on the web because she has that extra something that most lack, a fabulous on trend diy style. We are obsessed with her blog and find ourselves coming back daily to view new posts, goodies (she also does giveaways!) and of course to see what her latest outfit of the day is!

Check out her blog and let us know if you’ve fallen as madly in love with her as we have!


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