The Makings of a Chic Picnic

The Makings of a Chic Picnic(photo via

It’s April and it’s officially spring! Finally warmer days are here to come! Spring is the perfect time for a picnic and if you’re one of us that means a chic picnic. We’ve put together all the proper makings of a chic picnic from the food to the forks. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a romantic afternoon, a fun catch up with your girlfriend or even having a little ‘me time’ with a good book… a chic picnic is always appropriate!


West Elm Tassled Picnic Blanket

You are definitely going to need a blanket to avoid sitting directly on the ground. This chic picnic basket West Elm Tassled Picnic Blanket is just lovely and perfect for a spring afternoon.

Sur La Table Outdoor Wine Glasses


These Sur La Table Outdoor Wine Glasses are amazing! You definitely don’t want to bring your regular wine glasses because they are fragile and stand a good chance of breaking while stored in the picnic basket.

Bambu Veneerware Bamboo Disposable Plates



When you’re savvy and chic like us, regular paper plates and utensils just aren’t going to cut it! We love these stylish and disposable dinner ware. The plates are Bambu Veneerware Bamboo Disposable Plates.

Bamboo Studio Disposable Utensils



These utensils match perfectly with the disposable plates we picked out above, these are Bamboo Studio Disposable Utensils

Natural Eco Picnic Basket


Of course you’re going to need a chic picnic basket to tote everything and we just love this Natural Eco Picnic Basket!



When it comes to the food the ideas are really endless. You can bring just an assortment of gourmet cheeses to enjoy with the wine or you can pack a full delicious meal. We really love the idea of storing your picnic goodies in mason jars. Depending on what size jars they can even be packed for individual servings of salad greens, pasta and even cut fruit.


What do you like to bring along on your chic picnics?



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